Communication is Important!

Sunday, April 27, 2014
I loved the sermon at church this morning - it was about communication.  We all know how important communication is, but the reminders were so wonderful.  While the focus was on communication in a marriage, the seven myths about communication that he shared, are great reminders for any relationship including ones with your friends and family.

It resonated with me so much that I thought I would share them because who doesn't need a good reminder?

  1. Myth - In healthy relationships there is no fighting. - Truth - Healthy relationships fight fair.
  2. Myth - All is fair in a good fight.  Truth - Productive conflict has boundaries.
  3. Myth - Everything is worth fighting over.  Truth - Wisdom means picking your battles carefully.
  4. Myth - A long memory is a useful weapon.  Truth - Keeping short accounts eases resolution.
  5. Myth - You should never have a disagreement in front of your kids.  Truth - Kids are better served by being taught how to resolve conflict.
  6. Myth - Saying you're sorry is a sign of weakness.  Truth - Saying you're sorry is a sign of maturity.
  7. Myth - If I'm right, I should fight until the bitter end.  Truth - If you fight to the bitter end, you'll arrive at the bitter end.
You may be asking yourself... what does this have to do with books?  My answer?  Nothing.  Some of you mentioned wanting to get to know me as a person better - what better way than sharing random things that are on my mind or things I learn?  So take those things or leave them, but I thought it was great advice.  One of the number one causes of broken marriages or friendships is lack of communication and misunderstandings.  I thought all of these were really wonderful reminders and it's on my mind today.  

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.  I need to finish some beta comments on Whispering Wishes, but then I think curling up with a good book sounds fabulous!

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